BestSelf: $824,000 + 20,600 Orders From One Video

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Brand Overview

BestSelf Co. was founded in 2015 with a mission to help people think bigger, achieve more and become their best selves. Their productivity and relationship products use proven frameworks backed by scientific research and helped hundreds of thousands of happy customers with personal development and enhanced their relationship intimacy and connection with their special someone.


Prior to partnering with 10X ROAS in 2021, BestSelf was hurting due to the negative impacts of the iOS 14 on their Facebook advertising.

The release of iOS 14 caused their cost per customer acquisition to skyrocket and profitability to decline. Their ad account relied on a few creative winners that had been active for over 6 months but were losing their performance.

BestSelf aimed to scale their monthly ad spend from $100,000 to $350,000 in preparation for BFCM and the busy holiday season.

In our first month, we focused on expanding their creative library, implementing a consistent stream of UGC creative, and developing an efficient creative testing and scaling strategy.

This led to a significant improvement in ad performance, helping BestSelf meet their performance KPIs and avoid creative fatigue while scaling their advertising.


  • Content Flywheel. We established a consistent stream of creative content as the foundation of our strategy, enabling us to generate the necessary creative assets to scale Facebook ads from $100,000 to $350,000 per month in spend.
  • UGC Creative: We have expanded the creative library by adding UGC and product videos native to the platform. This library previously consisted of only static photos and video commercials.
  • Creative Targeting. We focused our communication on a specific customer persona and used the creative to target the audience most likely to purchase the products.
  • Feedback Loop. We established an effective feedback loop between the client and our production team to transform new ideas and learnings into better-performing creative.
  • Creative Scaling Framework. We have introduced a framework to ideate new concepts and angles, collect a reliable amount of data on profitability and retention, and optimize the creative to further improve performance.


Within three months, we established a consistent flow of new creative for productivity and relationship products. This allowed the brand to test new opportunities and scale winners efficiently.

We launched a winning video for the Intimacy Deck that generated $824,000 in sales from 20,600 orders and was viewed over 40 million times on Facebook and Instagram.

This video has been the best-performing ad for BestSelf in 8 years and continues to deliver sales and meet performance KPIs even after 15 months.

We replicated this success with creative for other products, such as the Little Hero's Journal, which has been profitable on first purchases and active for over a year.