Polish Pops: 74% Increase In ROAS In 30 Days

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Brand Overview

Polish Pops is a next-generation nail care company bringing salon-quality manicures to the comfort of home. Cleaner and easier nail care routine whenever you want, wherever you want, and with ingredients safer than traditional nail polish.


Monique and Paolo, the founders of Polish Pops, were determined to scale their Facebook Ads by experimenting with UGC creative. They hired creators to film content and help them bring their vision to life, but things didn’t go as planned.

The creators delivered videos that missed the mark. Nails were misaligned, and the application was sloppy, leaving unappealing creases. The videos looked like a DIY gone wrong, presenting Polish Pops in a bad light.

Disappointed with the poor-quality videos, Monique had to step in and take matters into her own hands. Armed with her creativity and passion for her brand, she filmed her own content.

Her videos took off and helped Polish Pops bring their Facebook ad account back on its feet.

But there was a new challenge on the horizon. Monique was about to become a mother and would soon be on maternity leave.

Determined not to let their ad efforts slide, Monique and Paolo sought help from 10X ROAS.

With our expertise in producing creative for beauty brands, we developed creative concepts we believed were low-hanging fruit for Polish Pops.

Within 30 days from launch, our creative has increased the ROAS by 74% and helped scale Polish Pops to an all-time high revenue for 3 months straight, while Monique didn’t have to stress about creating content.


  • Market Research. By conducting market research that involved reading website reviews, Facebook comments, and forums, we gained a deep understanding of Polish Pops customers.
  • Creative Strategy. We developed creative concepts we believed were low-hanging fruit based on our market research and crafted creative scripts with the brand and performance in mind. This created a stronger connection with the audience, which led to better ad performance.
  • Creator Selection. To make videos authentic, we selected four female creators from our network who had been painting their nails at home and had the same enthusiasm for beauty as our audience.
  • Creator Management. We explained a proper nail application to our creators and asked them to film multiple practice videos to ensure their best look before filming content.


In January, we launched 4 video concepts, and one of them immediately stood out, surpassing all other creatives and previous winners. It achieved a remarkable 74% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and a 44% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the first month alone.

Over the course of 3 months, this particular creative continued to outperform the second-best video by an impressive 348%, becoming the most successful video creative and a clear winner in terms of performance.

This creative has generated over 2,400 orders and brought in $134,000 in revenue, allowing Polish Pops to achieve an all-time high revenue for 3 months straight.